Time In The Middle (2015)

Claire Holley

Track Listing

    1. Three Little Birds
    2. Traveling Saints
    3. Boat of Dreams
    4. Heat of July
    5. Love in a Bowl
    6. How You Fly
    7. Kudzu
    8. Time in the Middle
    9. Bone
    10. Be Still
    11. Saturday Sale

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“Holley opens her eighth studio album by turning Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ from bouncy reggae into a delicate, half-whispered meditation. ‘Don’t worry ’bout a thing,’ she sings, ‘’cause every little thing gonna be alright.’ You’ll believe her. This is hummable, confessional folk that manages to seem simultaneously powerful and light as a feather. Holley’s vocals, which remind me a little of Norah Jones, will draw you in. —No Depression