Night Air (1997)

Track Listing

  1. Take Me for a Ride
  2. Like a Child
  3. Keeper of the Crows
  4. Smoke
  5. Gold Instead of Steel
  6. Two Old Trees
  7. Rehearsing His Words
  8. Old Woman
  9. Mary Visits Elizabeth
  10. Blackbook
  11. Night Air

A Claire worked with producers John Plymale (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Kim Richey) and Bryan Rheude on her debut album. With its voice-driven, Americana style, the album offers tracks that demonstrate just what Claire can do with a full band behind her, while at other times showing how by herself she can strip a song down to the pure, bare bones. John Hiler (Liz Phair) mixed several of the tracks on Night Air.


“…showcases Holley’s strong vocal abilities and her voice’s unique tone and quality… Night Air is an impressive first (and mostly solo) effort.” — The Spectator, Raleigh, NC

“The album neatly avoids stereotypical subject matter and cookie-cutter lyrics; Holley’s music is personal and affective.” — The Wheaton Record, Wheaton, IL