Live at Saint Andrew’s (2005)

Track Listing

  1. Oh My (Holley)
  2. Lay My Burden Down (Herring)
  3. In the Bounty of the Lord (Holley)
  4. Whippoorwill (Herring)
  5. 300 Boys (Holley)
  6. MGM Grand (Herring)
  7. Wildwood Flower (Traditional)
  8. Under The Moon (Holley)
  9. Mississippi Snow (Herring)
  10. Man of Sorrows (Traditional)
  11. Trace (Herring)
  12. 6 Miles to McKenney (Holley)
  13. Unclouded Day (Traditional)

Mississippi homecoming turns into live album for two native daughters.


What Mississippians are saying about this recording:

“…makes you stop what you’re doing and listen …” — Cary Hudson, Cary Hudson Trio and formerly of Blue Mountain

“Their combined talents create a sound that is true in every sense of the word.” — Lyn Roberts, Director of Thacker Mountain Radio

“…Two of the finest song stylists in the South …” — Charles Reagan Wilson, Director of the Center for The Study of Southern Culture

“Caroline and Claire are state treasures.” — Malcolm White, owner of Hal&Mals and Director of Mississippi Arts Commission