Claire Holley (2001)

Claire Holley - Claire Holley

Track Listing

  1. Oh My
  2. Sea Boy
  3. Billy and Me
  4. Sleep, Sleep RA
  5. In My Garden
  6. The Lamppost
  7. Abilene
  8. Looking for Signs
  9. Pennsylvania Town
  10. Mississippi
  11. Heyward Avenue


“Even working with a full band for the first time…nothing here seems out of place. Every tambourine shake, every slide part, every harmony is there for a reason. There’s not one bit of artifice, not one nod to pop star fancy — just Claire and her world of the spirit.” — Triad Style

“The [record] is a textured journey that takes in views both poignant and playful. Holley’s pure voice resonates with sweet passion, percolates with sass, haunts with remembrance or yearns with determined hope. “Oh My” is wrapped in the fragile weight of family memory. “In My Garden” sings out with sly attitude. “Sea Boy” joyously rocks in the moment while the dreamy “Sleep Sleep” lulls with a romantic touch.” — The Clarion-Ledger

“She’s accompanied by a sympathetic band of bass, drums and electric guitar, but her sparkling acoustic guitar is always front and center, a plangent partner to her voice’s sweet twang. An evocative, literate and luminous recording.” — Acoustic Guitar

“A highly skilled instrumentalist, Holley….has a way with a melody, as well, writing strong hooks into every one of the songs on the new album.” — Performing Songwriter

“Here Holley’s clear soprano floats atop sparkling melodies that descend unexpectedly into minor-chord brooding; she has a touch of Dolly Parton’s fallen-angel coyness. But her phrasing and intonation are more urbane, and she summons deep emotion without emoting. ” — Chicago READER